Boys tryouts

Fall-Winter 2021-22

All Iowa Attack boys teams to be formed in the Des Moines Metro & Coralville areas

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For the fall/winter season (Nov-Feb) we will offer 3rd-8th grade teams in each Ames, Des Moines and Coralville.


These 3 locations will all run independently.

  • Teams will be formed in each city

  • Teams will practice in their location only 

  • Teams will not be mixed between locations

  • Coaches will work within their location only

The goal of the 3rd-8th grade Fall/Winter program is clearly to provide an enviroment and opportunity for players to improve their game. Our players need to be in the gym practicing and competing with one another. We will be in the gym 2x per week with team practices. We know people are busier than ever, so staying local and bringing Attack to you will benefit and allow for better practice participation!

all iowa attack



Sunday, August 22

3rd-4th Grades | 1:30-2:45pm
5th-6th Grades | 2:45-4pm
7th-8th Grades | 4-5:15pm

@ GreenState Fieldhouse

200 E 9th St | Coralville, IA

Coralville Tryout Registration

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If selected, will you be able to fully commit to AIA or will you have many conflicts with weeknight practices and weekend tournaments?

Will your family need financial assistance? This will not have an impact on player/team selection. Our programs goal is to never turn down a deserving player based on financial need.

$20 Tryout Registration Fee

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Registration Available On-Site

If you have issues with our online registration, feel free to show up on the day of tryouts and on-site registration will be available for all tryouts.